Finding student rental properties in Waterloo can be a challenging task. The best way to find student accommodations is by narrowing your search criteria. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What type of living accommodation best suits your needs?
    HOUSE (older houses will have much higher utility bills, although they can provide a nice private backyard, typically more friends are needed as homes usually have over 5 bedrooms to fill. *Caution: does your landlord provide proof of a lodging license? If not, you may be looking for alternate accommodations mid-way through your term) apartment (most apartments in Waterloo are brand new, cleaned by the owner and include property & ground maintenance free of charge. Apartments are a small community and a great way to meet new friends)
  2. How many friends will you be sharing your living space with?
    SINGLE (it’s often difficult to find single dwelling accommodations without breaking the bank, houses tend to offer basement-style bachelor accommodations)
    MULTIPLE (most apartments offer multiple bedroom options, three to five bedroom is standard, finding friends or others in a similar situations can give you greater options while shopping around
  3. What amenities will you need?
    PARKING (will you need a vehicle parked at your building, how many spaces are available per unit/home?)
    BATHROOMS (shared or private en-suite?)
    KITCHEN (shared or private kitchenette? How much cupboard space is available? Does it include a dishwasher and/or microwave?)
    LAUNDRY (coin-operated, free, or non-existent?)
    UTILITIES (partial, inclusive, not-included?)
  4. How far am I willing to travel to get to class?
    WALKING DISTANCE (within few km)
    ON BUS ROUTE (rapid transit to school)
    VEHICLE (provides unlimited options

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