How do I get a lease?

Leases can be emailed to you by contacting [email protected] You can also fill one out in the Atlas office located at 1 King St. N. Waterloo.

What is required to sign a lease?

When you bring us a completed lease, you need to have your last month’s rent payment with you as well as a $250.00 key deposit (refundable). We will also need a parent or guardian to fill out the guarantor form,Guarantor Photo Identification as well as your photo ID attached to the lease.

What do I do if my rent bounces?

Rent is paid on the first of each month by direct withdrawals from the bank account of your choice. If your rent payment bounces, you will need to come to the office with a cheque for the rent amount plus $35.00 for the non-sufficient funds fee as outlined in your lease agreement. This will need to be done right away or it will be considered a late payment, for which there is a fee of $50.00.

What is the move-in procedure?

When moving into your new building, you need to come to the Atlas office (unless otherwise outlined) to pick up and sign for your keys. Roommates will not be permitted to pick up keys other than their own. Any outstanding paperwork and or deposits must be submitted before receiving keys. You will receive the key for the bedroom you specified at the time of the lease signing. Ensure that if you are paying for any utilities to make arrangements to set up those accounts prior to moving in so that you are not left without hydro on your move in day.

What if I lose my keys?

If you lose your keys during the year, please call the office and we will order you a new pair or see if we have some in stock. There is a $40 charge for each new key required; for fobs or specialty keys the cost is $60.00 per item (All FOBS and keys) and $80.00 for Garage remotes for 18 James St.

What if I lock myself out of my unit or bedroom?

If you get locked out of your unit/bedroom please call the office, or if it is after hours call the after hours line (after voicemail, dial 3) and we will have someone come over to let you in. There is a standard $20 fee for any lockouts during business hours which is required in cash at the time of the lockout, and a $40 fee for all lockouts after regular business hours (after 5 pm daily and weekends).

What is the move out procedure?

Before tenants move out of the units, we will inspect them, so we can make note of any repairs that need to be done.  You will need to bring the keys to the office, or to the drop box in the lobby of the 1 King Street N. office location. There will be envelopes provided for tenants to write their name, building, unit, bedroom and contact information on.  Once the inspections are completed and damages are invoiced where necessary you will receive your initial deposit ($250.00) by cheque to the address written on the envelope only if you reside outside of Waterloo. If you remain a Waterloo resident then once emails have indicated that your cheque is ready for pickup you will be able to come into our office along with a Government issued Photo ID so we may release this to you.

What happens if I want out of my lease?

If, for any reason, you do not want to continue your lease you will need someone to replace you for the remainder of your lease term OR find a sublet for the remainder of the contract.  A full lease assignment removes you from any contractual agreements with Atlas Property Group Inc. and the replacement will sign their own lease with us. There is a $100 Administration fee for a lease assignment prior to any paperwork will be made available to the signee. For sublets your liability with us still remains and your replacement would pay you while you would continue to pay us monthly. Your sublet would pay the Tenant and the Tenant is to fill out the Sublet form from our website as we require information about your sublet for emergency reasons and so forth.

Am I allowed to sublet my unit?

Yes, you are able to sublet your unit out for the months that you will not be there. There is a sublet section on the Atlas website where you can post your sublet ad for free.

How do I sublet my unit?

Once you have found a sublet, they will need to fill out the sublet agreement, which can be emailed to you, or found on our website here. The form needs to be brought back to the office and signed off by one of the Atlas representatives.

What do I do if I have a maintenance issue?

If you have any maintenance issues, please go to our Maintenance Page and submit a request. Click on the ‘Tenant’ tab and scroll down and click on ‘Maintenance Request’. This request allows us to legally enter your unit so it MUST be completed even if you have called in the issue. It also helps us keep proper records of all issues so yours does not get lost or forgotten! Unless it is a maintenance emergency (such as a leak, flood, loss of heat, loss of water, loss of power, Sprinkler system acitvations, Fire alarm Activation, lock outs), requests are processed each morning and completed as quickly as possible by our maintenance crew. We work hard to have issues resolved within 48 hours after the initial request. If you have an emergency such as a fire contact 911 immediately.

Call Atlas Emergency Line #519-745-7999 (after the voicemail, dial 3) if you see:

  • Flooding / Unstoppable Leaks
  • Sprinkler System Activation
  • Fire Alarm Activation
  • Power Outage
  • Toilet Overflowing
  • Lock outs

How do I pay for parking?

You can pick up a parking pass in the office, which must be displayed at all times when parking at an Atlas property.  Once you have filled out the proper forms, we can accept cash, debit, credit as payment. Parking is sold for 4 month terms an no less. Please make sure to have your licence plate number as well as your Canadian Goverment Issued Driver’s licence ready when you come in to pay for parking.

What if I have paid for parking and all the parking spots are taken when I go to park?

If it is after hours, please call Waterloo By-Law and they can assist you, otherwise give the Atlas office a call and we can send someone over to ticket the parking lot. If it is late at night you may need to park on the street, but make sure to register your vehicle with the city of Waterloo first to ensure you do not get a ticket #519-747-8559 or at

Please note: Atlas is not responsible for tickets given when parking passes are not displayed or when tickets are given for unregistered cars on the road.

How do I set up utilities for my unit (if not included)?

When you sign a lease for a new building please check what utilities are included.  It is suggested that you call ahead of time to set up your utilities so that you are not charged extra by the utility company.  One person in your group will have to set it up and organize to collect the equal amounts from all roommates.

HYDRO: Call Waterloo North Hydro at (519) 886-5090

GAS: Call Union Gas at 1 (888) 774-3111

INSURANCE: Tenants liability insurance is something you may want to invest in. It will normally cover theft and fire – rates vary depending on the coverage extent.

What do I do if I am having problems with my roommates?

If you are having troubles with your roommate’s try and talk to them and let them know you are having issues. You can also set up a meeting as a whole group and go over some of the issues.  If you still are having serious problems and cannot come to a compromise within your group we can try and assist you by setting up a meeting as a mediator between the groups.

What if my neighbours are too loud?

If you are having trouble with your neighbours being too loud try going over to talk to them and ask them to keep the noise down. If they do not cooperate with you, please call Waterloo By- Law #519-747-8785.

What do I do if my roommates are not doing their fair share of house work?

When you move into your unit try and meet with your group and go over chores or make a list of what needs to be done to keep the unit clean.  You can also try and put up notes to remind people to do their dishes, or turn the lights off to save on hydro bills.